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The Famous Chile Error Coin!


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I don't think that any of you missed the biggest news in the history of modern coins. The huge and devistating misstake that got the general manager of the Chilean mint beeing dismissed after thousands of coins were issued with the name of the country spelt wrongly. The "new" spelling of C-H-I-L-E became C-H-I-I-E can be found on over 1.5 million 50 Pesos coins dated 2008.


And earlier today (technically yesterday) I finally received my own copy of the Chilean 50 Peso coin with the famous "Chiie" error!

I've thought both twice adn thrice times before I decieded to get it, but finally I felt that it is a must to have in the collection of my Chilean coins. If I wouldn't get it i would just regret it later, so here it is at last :)


And this is how the famous coin looks like!



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I have no idea how the 'coin strucking machine' looks like, but somehow the bottom line of the L nevery reached the coin and the country name on the coin ended up with a double-I until someone noticed the error. Later during the year they fixed the error and the manager were dismissed. So there are coins dated 2008 with the correct spelling as well. I guess all the Chilean with an eBay account made good money with selling the coins for a good overprice (considering the exchange rate) :)

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