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New guy from Singapore

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Hi Everybody,


I recently found out about this discussion forum. great to find an online community of like-minded people. I am still in the beginner phase of Coin collection. (Coins of about 25 countries).


For my entire collection, please follow this link ---> My Collection


Hope you like it.


Looking forward to interact more with other members.


P.S. This site is definitely going in my bookmarks! :)




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Welcome to the forum! You have some nice current world coins there. I hope you are enjoying the history behind the coins as well as the plethora of different designs there are around the world. I don't chat too much, but I'm always lurking around if you need help with anything. ;)

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Very nice set of world coins.

I to am new to this form and the world of coin collecting.

I collect mostly US coins, as I enjoy the history and the design.

All the best

New guy from Canada


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