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  1. Thanks thedeadpoint. Wish I cud upload a bigger and better image... but apparently 100k is the limit. ergo, the low res, smaller pic. nevertheless, thanks for the comment...
  2. Finally I got my hands on these beauties! Long cared for and maintained by my father. Thank you dad!
  3. Hi Cladking. Yes, the 10R is now in existence. Although right now it is a bimetallic coin with a poor quality impressions. These are the coins from the time when there was a 10 Rupee note but no coin. Another interesting set of indian coins that I have is the 25p & 50p coins. It has "1/4 Rupee" (25p) & "1/2 Rupee" (50p) written on obverse.
  4. Hi kedorelocew Welcome! am new here too. Looking fwd to share the hobby with you.
  5. I don't remember distinctly what made me choose this hobby. Though I remember whenever new coins were issued, I did get them at my house. (My father worked in the monetary authority in India). Along with that we used to get special edition coins. Plus I knew people who traveled to places. When they came back, whatever small amt of change was left with them (negligible enuff to change back into local currency), they used to give it to me. I guess that's how it all started with me. Good topic of discussion. We should have more topics like this. WTG!
  6. Thanks ikaros... Actually I got on Omnicoin first. Then thru that I came to know abt this forum. Really helpful sites, both. I always wanted a site where this hobby can be discussed. Finally found 'em. Thanks for the appreciation. I am also acquiring a special edition Rs. 100 coin from India. It's the 1982 Asiad Games commemorative coin. will upload pics soon.....
  7. Hey Carl a.k.a Coinkgeek. Welcome to the forum. I am new to the forum as well..... glad to share the hobby. Do u have any album of ur collection that we can view? Here's mine.... click here Welcome once again.... Cheers, BM
  8. Hi... These are the links for the coins... these photos are not mine, but the coins are the same... 100 Rupees Coin 10 Rupees Coin For general info on these coins, click here. Later....
  9. Hi, I am soon acquiring a Collectors' Edition 100 Rupee coin issued by the Reserve Bank of India, very long time ago. Will post the pics once I get it. Should be next month. Just wanted to share the news with all of yous. The collectors' edition dates back to the early 80s and the set contains 2 coins, viz. 10 Rupees and 100 Rupees. Now, India has a 10 Rupee bimetallic coin. However, these are from much before and were issued as a limited edition. I know it doesn't really make sense to post without a pic of the coins. But the joy of getting it was too great for me not to share. he
  10. Thanks cartwheel. Appreciate it! trying to grow the collection further!
  11. Thanks, YeOldeCollector. Google didn't really yield me any results. Maybe, I must have entered wrong keywords... Thanks nevertheless. Great help!
  12. @gxseries: I don't think the Indian coin in your initial post denotes Peace. That is a provision for people who are not able to read (less-literate) numbers/words. One can count on fingers though. For example, the 1 Rupee coin has just the thumb up. (Linked image) The thumb up doesn't really mean "Everything's Alright!" or "Great Job" or whatever other connotations the sign may have.
  13. Hi guys, please help me identify this coin. I have it for the longest time in my collection. Tried googling from what I see on the coin. No results yet. Can anybody help me identify this coin? Attaching an image for both sides.
  14. Thank you! I really wasn't organized with my collection until 2010. That's when I took it seriously. Hope to get help from you some time. I still have some coins, which I haven't been able to identify because of a non-english script. Will upload those pics soon too.
  15. Hi Everybody, I recently found out about this discussion forum. great to find an online community of like-minded people. I am still in the beginner phase of Coin collection. (Coins of about 25 countries). For my entire collection, please follow this link ---> My Collection Hope you like it. Looking forward to interact more with other members. P.S. This site is definitely going in my bookmarks! Cheers, A
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