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Hello New to Coin People

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Hello, My neme is Johnny and I am new to the Coin People forums. I do already have a place on Omni and Banknote sites under the user name Johnny1328. I liked both of those site very much. I recently found this site by clicking on the discussion site at the top of the Omni home page.


Well a little bit about me. I am 42 years old married and have one daughter. I live in Indiana in the United States. I collect most everything but I do have a few sets that take priority. They are the following.


1986 World Coin and Bank note set


Canadian 2 Dollar coin set (Toonies)


U.S cents 1909 to present


U.S. Memorial cent Proof from 1959 to present


U.S. FRN 2 dollar notes from 1928 to present


World 2 denomation notes


Mexican 20th centurary type set


Mexican 20 Centavos from 1943 to 1974


Also various forigen coins more to type then anything else right now, but as time goes on something new will catch my fancy. Most of my coins are posted on my omni and Banknote. I hope everyone has a great day.



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