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1887 proof threepence???????


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hi everyone


in a lot of coins i bought recently i had five 1887 threepences


now these were all ef+ but one of them has a mirror backround to it

and its bugged me that it could be a proof coin that has leaked into circulation


i have added a photo of it the best i can

if anyone could confirm this for me i would be most greatful


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I am afraid that I, personally, cannot tell from that one photo.


More photographs would be ideal.


I hope it is a proof though! :ninja:

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It could be there were proofs struck in that year.


I've also seen some that appear to be proofs but were more proof-like then actual proofs. If they were amoungst the first coins struck on fresh dies they might have prooflike fields.


Does the reverse fields have a prooflike appearance? Proofs coins tend to have sharper edges then standard coins and the lettering also appear sharper.

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