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  1. hi bill all circulating coins in the uk have a medal turn but this one has a coin turn to it, ive never seen a coin like this or really heard of a coin in circulation with this type of error.
  2. hello found a coin in my change today, the new shield design 5 pence dated 2008. not quite sure which sides off but its 180 degrees off the mark wondering if anyone else has found one of these. havnt found any documentation from anywhere on the net so thought i might ask someone here
  3. hi everyone in a lot of coins i bought recently i had five 1887 threepences now these were all ef+ but one of them has a mirror backround to it and its bugged me that it could be a proof coin that has leaked into circulation i have added a photo of it the best i can if anyone could confirm this for me i would be most greatful
  4. i hear you but read an article that the most wanted coins by indian collectors are the victorian ones mostly, and as lots of them are getting more monies these days they are persuing coin collecting. i dont personally collect these coins i got mine in a large lot from the wonderful world of ebay but as usual found it interesting on the history behind these little blighters i had another indian coin a while back in another lot i had bought, only thought it would sell for a couple of quid and got me £55 for it in the end, well chuffed thanks again CCG for the information
  5. thanks i have searched around the globe and found a dealer with a rather nast one at £65 one from thailand at £150 and another in austrailia at £200 i also had a dealer from india email me later on today and he has told me that mine is an A/I minted in calcutta there doesnt seem to be many floating about anymore comparing to the ater victoria coins though which is good
  6. I have a 1/2 rupee coin dated 1875 now i am having great difficulty finding any information on this coin apart from its rare to find one can anyone shed some light on the coin the weight of the coin is good at 5.8 grams
  7. hi Mat im not sure but i thought that most hammered coins had a thin edge to them and this one seems to be squared off on some points my second feeling is that on parts of the coin it seems to have a light green/yellow hue when tilted into the light, its not blotchy but ive never seen that on a hammered it has still retained good fine details which does make me think would that have come out on a cast? dont get me wrong the coin the coin looks nice and i dont mind a few forgeries for interest but i dont like to have them in part of my collection, itl bug me. lol
  8. hi everyone just recieved an elizabeth 1st silver sixpence looks not good from the start but any input from yourselves would be greatful thanks the coin was bought from an ebayer who has sold quite a lot of good coins and had not sold this one as possible forgery weight of coin is 2.5grams dated 1561 otherwise the coin is looking very nice and id really ove to keep it if its real or come to an arrangement with the seller if it aint i have added photos of the front, back and edges of the coin
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