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Sorry..just wanted to add some pictures..

How to put the pictures from omnicoin to this forum?

Please help - it has to be gif ? or can be jpeg?

If you're trying to get your OmniCoin image to show up here, then you need the direct address of the image you want to show -- right click on the image, and one of the items in the menu that pops up will be 'Copy Image Address' or something like that. Then in the edit box here, you just click on the Insert Image button: rte-image-button.png and paste the address into the box that will pop up, and it does it automagically for you.


Hope this helps!

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One of the things I find interesting about Nicholas' reign was his immediate desire to change the eagle on the silver coinage to be the same as had been on Alexander's gold coinage, the so-called "masonic" or "wings down" variety; then, only six years later in 1832, he did an about face and changed the eagle on all the coinage (except for the copper coinage I think) back to the "wings up" design, albeit a different design from the earlier coinage of 1801-1826.


Was he trying to make a clean break from Alexander's designs, or was there something about the "masonic" design that he decided he didn't like?



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To tell the trouth ..no idea..

But masonic gold finished in 1831.

In silver you have it from 1826 till 1831 so started after Alexander...

Copper 1830-1839 - so much longer than gold and silver....

I don't know... For sure love this type esp. on copper !!

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