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1972-P Ike dollar with die scratches, gouges, clashing, ????


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I found a 1972-P Ike (type 1 reverse) today with some strange stuff going on blow and on Ike's neck. There are a series of thin, evenly spaced, raised lines running from the neck and ending above the date. To the left of these lines, between the digits of the date, and extending yp onto the neck itself are some thicker lines that end in a sort of cup shape once up on the neck a 1/4" or so. At first I thought that these might be caused by a clash of the longest wing feathers and then a rotation of the die, but looking closer at the reverse, I can't see anything of the shape that would have caused the raised areas in the event that the die clash happened. Any ideas?







Here's a photo with some lines that indicate the general shape/position of the raised areas.



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The best explanation I can come up with is that a previously struck coin did not eject properly, and instead of popping out after being struck, got into a standing-up position, and the die came down, and struck the coin on the edge, with the resulting clash transfering rim reeding details onto the die.

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