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US coins: 1953 Liberty half-dollar * 1946 Liberty quarter-dollar


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Hi all,


I would be grateful for some information regarding these US coins I have in my collection.


In particular I would appreciate some guidance on the grade, value and history. I am doing some research myself but it is taking longer than I thought (have a big box of coins that were given to me).


Many thanks,







1946_Liberty___quarter_dollar___reverse.jpg 1946_Liberty___quarter_dollar___obverse.jpg


1953_Liberty_half_dollar___reverse.jpg 1953_Liberty_half_dollar___obverse.jpg

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The Washington $1/4 was first issued in 1932, in .900 silver. In 1965, the planchets were switched to a coppernickel-copper-coppernickel sandwich. The type was issued until 1998, when the 25c denomination was switched over to commemoratives.


The 1976 issue has a different ("drummer boy") reverse to commemorate the American bicentennial.

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