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  1. Hi all, Have finally got my camera back. Would be grateful for some information regarding this coin (grade, value, history etc...). Is it a farthing? I ask because I have seen a 1799 farthing but it states'farthing' underneath Britannia. Many thanks, Robert The Chest of Coins Reverse Obverse
  2. Hi all, I have attempted to grade this coin. I would suggest fine, mainly because as you can see some hairs on the head of the monarch and would value coin between .50p-£1. Would be grateful for your thoughts. Robert www.thechestofcoins.com
  3. Hi all, Can anyone tell me what coin this is please. Many thanks, Robert www.thechestofcoins.com
  4. Hello all, I would be grateful for some information regarding this coin if posible. In particular grade, value and history. Many thanks, Robert www.thechestofcoins.com
  5. Jtryka/Justcarl, Thank you for your responses. I shall definitely keep an eye open for the 'red book' in local library/second hand book shop as I think it will be worth getting hold of a copy. However, I am finding that the forums are without a doubt the best place to start. It may seem a little lazy in respect of researching the coin (although I have already learnt a lot in my first few months of where to go etc...) but in terms of being able to gauge your understanding of how to grade a coin, there is nothing better than seeking advice from the more experienced, especially whe
  6. Hello all, I have attempted to grade this coin and suggest it is fair/good and has a value of about £1-2, mainly due to silver content. I believe it is a type 2 coin (.500 silver) and had a mintage of approx 16,703,597. It is roughly 16mm in diameter and weighs about 1.4g. I would be grateful to know if I am on the right track (i.e. info from books and websites) Many thanks, Robert
  7. Hello all, I would appreciate some advice in relation to these coins. In particular: - grade; - rarity value (I think they are common but would like to have this confirmed); - value (if any); and - any interesting facts about the coins (if possible) As always many thanks in advance. Kind regards, Robert www.thechestofcoins.com 1 - 1963 One Cent 2 - 1961 Quarter Dollar 3 - 1961 One Cent 4 - 1952 One Dime 5 - 1941 One Dime
  8. Justapeek, Thank you very much for this. I found a bit of information but the site you provided is great. Kind regards, Robert www.thechestofcoins.com
  9. Hello all, I would be grateful for some advice in relation to this Italian coin. I suggest the grade is: fair (UK) good (US), am I close? Does this coin have any value? and also where can I find out more information regarding world coins? As I would like to know more about its history/mintage etc... As always many thanks in advance for your help. Robert www.thechestofcoins.com
  10. Hi Jeff, Sorry for not responding sooner but have been on hols. It was a specialist coin dealer and the coin was part of a bag of coins I took along, not impressed at all. I have since been doing some research and have sold said coins for considerably more than the money offered. Robert
  11. Hello all, I have attempted to grade and value this 1920 Half Crown and would be grateful to know how accurate/inaccurate my first attempt is. I would say the coin is G/VG and worth approximately £1. However, I have looked around at various examples on the net and for some it could be classified as poor, so slightly confused. Any advice would be great. Many thanks, Robert www.thechestofcoins.com
  12. All, I would be grateful for some guidance regarding the attached coins. I have been told they are fake but would like to seek further opinion. The 1790 coin weighs approx 2g and is 20mm in diameter. The 1797 coin weighs approx 3g and is 25mm in diameter. Any information you could supply would be helpful in terms of grade, value etc... Many thanks, Robert www.thechestofcoins.com
  13. Hi all, I would be grateful for some information regarding these US coins I have in my collection. In particular I would appreciate some guidance on the grade, value and history. I am doing some research myself but it is taking longer than I thought (have a big box of coins that were given to me). Many thanks, Robert www.thechestofcoins.com
  14. CCG, Many thanks. Could you suggest what grade the coins are? I note that there is some green marking on the Victoria penny, would this have an effect on its value (if any)? Robert
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