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California Gold 1/4 coin


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Here is a coin I have as a gift from my father.

It's a small gold coin dated 1856.

It is actually in excellent shape but does not look quite as in good shape due to "zooming" on my scanner.

Any ideas on the pricing on this one?

It says California Gold 1/4 on the reverse.

I am presuming that means 1/4 dollar?



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These are known as California fractional gold pieces. 1/4 would refer to a quarter, but these were issued by jewelers and token makers. Many are fakes, I would venture most out in the common marketplace and Ebay are fakes. Visit www.calgoldcoin.com for more information. You probably need to show it to an expert in the series to really know what you have.

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Bill is correct, many of these turn out to be counterfeit and because of this most are sold certified by either NGC or PCGS.


Here is a similiar albeit later date offered in the current Scotsman Midwest Summer 2010 auction...




If your dads coin is real and in excellent condition it is definitely worth getting certified as it could be worth several hundred dollars.

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A drop of testing acid will show you whether or not it's real. Use the 10k solution, placing a drop on the bottom of an overturned drinking glass. Then touch the edge of the coin to the drop. If it's fake, you'll get a little green foam rising on the surface. If it's real it will look as though the acid is a drop of water with no reaction. This test will ruin the plating on the edge of a fake and leave no mark on a real coin. It's not a good idea to put the drop of solution directly on the face of the coin because it would remove any toning on a real coin and leave a clean spot.

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