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Coin magazines *COMPLETED*

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I have some past issues of Coins magazine published by Krause (plus 2 issues of COINage) that I'm getting rid of. Before I toss them into the paper recycling bin, I thought to see if anyone has an interest in such past issues. They are all in relatively decent shape: one has wavey moisture damage, but only to the back cover page. (Interestingly there are a few articles by at least one of the members of this site.)


I only ask that postage is covered. That can be done as direct payment (cash, paypal, etc) or then offer an interesting coin trade. As these will come from Europe, postage will add up, but I can send the bunch out via Economy class (3-5 weeks). If anyone is interested, send me a message.


Here is the list of the issues:



1991: Feb, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec

1992: Jan-Nov



1991: Feb and Coin collector's yearbook

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Final call on these. I'll hold them another week to see if there is any interest before I toss them in the recycling bin.



Magazines have been claimed and will find a new home. Thanks!

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