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Questions about disassembling a notmunze collection

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In the past five years I've built up a 300+ pieces collection of 1917-1923 german emergency coins. Many "regular" notmunze, worth of 3-4$ each, some slightly up (10 - 20$) and only few of them worth 60-80$. When I started to collect them the only criteria was to have as many different as possible. Even if they are made of zinc, aluminum or iron, they are very beautiful "coins"...

At this moment I'm at the point of selling the collection, because I am with my girlfriend in a 6 months trip in US, and we need money for traveling. We are in NY now, but we plan to fly to Atlanta and from there to rent a car for a trip to Phoenix, San Francisco and then by scenic road 1 to the North of West Coast, and further to Chicago...

It's more than a month long trip, the time isn't a problem, because our flight back to Europe is in September. Only money is limited.

The reason for this topic is to ask for some advice about how and where to try to sell my notmunze collection. The collection is with me in New York, it worth 2000$-2500$ and I have at least 6 weeks time to sell it.

Thanks in advance for any tips!

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I was going to reply earlier, but didn't have the time at the moment.


The problem with such a collection is that it is so specialised, that it is rather hard to disperse all at once - rather you might be better off breaking it up and selling it piecemeal instead. For example a collector friend of mine tried in vain for over a year to sell a fairly sizable collection of Scottish banknotes - the problem for most collectors is that there are too many items that might not appeal to them directly. I was myself interested in about half the collection, but not the whole collection as I did not want the duplicates and all the date varieties but rather a representative selection of all major types. In the end he broke it up by banks, because until the 1960's Scotland had eight different banknote issuing banks. Then I was able to buy just the bank's I wanted - notably British Linen Bank, North of Scotland Bank, Union Bank and National Bank, Clydesdale Bank, National Commercial Bank; and bypassed Bank of Scotland and Royal Bank of Scotland.


Just another suggestion, it might be far easier to have found a buyer in Europe - especially Germany.


If you hit the Midwest, or Chicago PLMK.

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