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Question on a 2 reales


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I have a 2 reales coin that I cannot find in my Krause. The coin is 1773 and from Peru, LIMAE (monogram) mintmark. The only listing in my Krause for this date has the initials JM...the coin that I have has initials MJ. I see that both the JM and MJ were on coins dated 1774, so maybe this was a time of transition. Anyone know anything about this coin or have a listing for it? Thanks!


Here is the coin. I believe it to be real, although it appears that someone tried to add some denticles on the obverse by making a series of cuts in the rim (or maybe someone was just bored at some time in the past)...




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I checked several old issues of SCWC and none list the 1773 MJ for Lima. Over the many years of the SCWC I'm sure it would have been reported if genuine. From your scan I must ask are you sure about the mint mark and that the coin is genuine? If so see if you can locate a copy of the Pillars and Portraits book. It is an old classic and if that date is not listed there the coin is probably fake.

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