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  1. The Ukrainean coins formerly listed here will be in the next William Rosenblum auction which will also include a large Russian collection. Bill does not charge buyer's fees!!
  2. It is an Ecuadorian 5 sucres KM- 79 dated 1944 and supposedly a product of the Mexico City Mint. Even before I got to touch it I could see that it has a major die clash on the obverse. It also has several small die breaks but when it was handed to me I instantly thought that it felt too light in weight. The coin has a rough appearance that looks like it was struck with rusty dies that had been heavily polished and cleaned. General Sucre’s lips are weak and his chin is swollen. Definitely not up to the quality of a 20th century Mexico City Mint product. The reeded edge is of good quality and t
  3. These books are the classics for the German States coins issued from circa 1800-1870 and include much background information not found in the Krause Standard Catalogs. All are in German but the pictures and numbers need no translation. All the books are in nice used condition, are about 6 inches wide and 8 ¼ inches tall. Postage which includes insurance to US addresses only is 3.00 for the first book and 50 cents for each additional book. Payment must be by cash, check or money order. NO Paypal or Credit cards. My prices are cheap! If you don’t think so check out the book sites on the interne
  4. The rare six Ukrainian coins that I have listed here earlier are priced at full Krause Standard Catalog prices for your information. These prices are not carved in stone and serious counter offers are welcome. Thanks, Fred
  5. Ukraine 20 Hryven KM 188 2003 Liberation of Kiev 60th Anniversary, Proof Sterling Silver, 67.64g 2 oz asw. Obv. Holographic Eternal Flame. Rev. Battle scene and map. Reeded edge in plastic capsule and case with certificate as issued. Rare only 2000 minted. 300.00 postpaid and insured US addresses only cash, check or money order only.
  6. Ukraine 10 Hryven KM 225 2004 Whit Sunday, Proof Sterling Silver, 33.62g 1 oz asw. . Rev. Folk Dancers. Reeded edge in plastic capsule and case with certificate as issued. 250.00 postpaid and insured US addresses only cash, check or money order only
  7. Ukraine 10 Hryven KM 34 1996 Arch Bishop Petro S. Mohyla (1596-1647), Proof Sterling Silver, 16.81 .5 oz asw. Rev. Arch Bishop. Reeded edge in plastic capsule and case with certificate as issued. Rare only 5000 minted. 1000.00 postpaid and insured US addresses only cash, check or money order only.
  8. Ukraine 10 Hryven KM 70 1998 Kylv-Pechersk Assumption Cathedral, Proof Sterling Silver, 33.62g 1 oz asw. Reeded edge in plastic capsule as issued. 120.00 postpaid and insured, US addresses only cash, check or money order only.
  9. Ukraine 2 Hryvni KM 39 1997 Yuri Kondratiuk, Proof -like BU copper-nickel, Reeded edge in plastic capsule as issued. 120.00 postpaid and insured US addresses only cash, check or money order only.
  10. Reverse; PLEASE DISREGARD THIS, I would delete this if I could.
  11. Ukraine 20 Hryven KM 58 1998 Cossack Revolt 350th Anniv. Proof Sterling Silver, 33.61 g 1 oz asw. Reeded edge in plastic capsule as issued. For sale 90.00 postpaid and insured US only cash, check or money order only.
  12. How does one get to the OmniCoin Service agreement and be able to read it? Every time I click on it I just get the registration form and I refuse to agree to it unless I get to read it first. Thanks, Fred
  13. Thanks Bill, I will have to check that out.
  14. As a collector or numismatist would you ever consider consigning a precious metal coin or medal to the melting pot? If so what would justify that act in your mind?
  15. Second try still doesn't work. My scan is 32.1kb and this site says it is 1021.87! That's all folks.
  16. Next company is the HJ Heinz Co. that made "57 Kinds" their trade mark expression even though at that time they already had many more items in their product line. They issued a gold medal for only ten years service starting in 1922. The first medal shown here was issued in 1925 and is 34.2mm and 27.9grams of 14k gold. The next medal issued in 1944 is 31.2mm and 17.35 grams. By 1952 the medal is only charm size 17.5mm by 12.7mm and weighs in at 3.66 gram. By the 1960's the weigh is down to 2.2 grams of 10k gold. I guess 10 years aint what it used to be but we should also keep in mind that at le
  17. You ask tough questions of a guy with a weak memory. I try to exhibit things that no one has seen before. I can remember displays on the Illinois Distinguished Service Medal, the Drake Hotel Robbery medal, Wisconsin Military Medals, West German Comem. 5 mark coins, Imperial German Military medals, various military medal groups of WWII American veterans and their stories and most recently a display on Milwaukee city job titles on badges. Most people don't known that almost any city employee could carry a badge in the good old days not just police and firemen. Favorite exhibits that I have seen
  18. Depending on who you talk with the drama sometimes reaches near life and death levels.. One of my greatest numismatic guilt trips resulted from my judging; when after it was all over I found that I screwed up and cost an exhibitor a well deserved award. Other times I know of exhibitors who carried grudges for years sometimes over very trivial issues in my opinion. That is why I like to see noncompetitive exhibits. Sharing information should be fun without all the ulcers and anguish. As an exhibitor I get more kicks out of watching people study my exhibits from a distance than anything else.
  19. Have any of you here exhibited at a coin show or judged exhibits? I was at the Cental States Numismatic Society show this week in Milwaukee and saw a stunning array of high quality exhibits. At this point I must admit that I am an ANA Certified Judge and an occasional exhibitor. As I see it there are different types of judges. Some are very critical and others like myself tend to be more generous. Some put more weight on presentation and others on basic content. Most of the time there are at least three judges per catagory. After the judging is over and the grading sheets are compaired the s
  20. Central States Coin Show in Milwaukee this Friday and Saturday. If you are near by this one is worth the trip!!
  21. The same observations hold true for the medals of the Continental Fire Ins. Co. which instead on an Indian feature a Continental Soldier. I tried to illustrate it here but can't because this site says my scan is over 1000kb and my computor says my scan is 32.6kb. I trust my computor so you will just have to trust me on this one.
  22. Insurance companies issued some of the best looking medals. Here for example is one from the First American Fire Ins. Co. which naturally features an Indian Brave. The medal is 10k gold and the number 25 is the years served. I have seen this type of medal in both 10 and 14k gold and the number of years is not always 25.
  23. Thanks Rod, nice contribution medals (1 + 3) not sure what the middle medal is for, but I was thinking more of medals issued to the military units for time served protecting the borders like these:
  24. Check out my eCrater store for all sorts of coins, medals and interesting stuff at this link: http://freds.ecrater.com/ If you see anything of interest or have a wish list please email me. I do not accept paypal or plastic payments. Just cash, checks and money orders. Thanks, Fred
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