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1972 Lincoln Cent die crack?

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I was wondering if anyone has seen this before? I believe it is a die crack. It is on a 1972 Lincoln Cent. On the reverse. Starts at the lower right of the "U" in UNITED and travels through the "N" (It does not interfere the the first leg of the "N", but is present on both sides) then goes to the bottom of the last part of the "N" and continues along the bottom of the "I" & "T". It then goes up the right side of the "T" and shoots out toward the top of the "E".


The picture is a bit blurry. I took it through my 45X microscope loupe. I apologize for that. I will see if I can get a clearer shot later today. Need new batteries in my camera. Let me know what you think.


Thank you for any and all opinions.



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