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What's your cut-off date?


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Guest Stujoe
I have come to realize that I have very similar taste in coins with Stujoe and T'bunny.


I have noticed that too. Does it scare you are much as it does me? :ninja:


Right on about the well round, milled stuff. Of course. ;)

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My collection dates as follows:


British collection (- includes Scottish, Irish, Channel Islands, Manx, Lundy etc coins and tokens) - from the first ancient british to 1967 (1970 proof).


USA collection - 1793 to date.


British Commonwealth - from Eliz I portcullis to 1952 (end George VI).


Ancient Greek - earliest to Roman invasion.


So, all-in-all from the earliest to the latest in one form or another.



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The latest I go to is early 1800's unless I can get a crazy deal on some older coins. I do have a few Roman era coins but to me those don't really count as I do not currently collect them. 1700's are just way out of my price range. I would say 80% of my collection is in the 1880-1940 space.


As for a country, who cares? The sky is the limit for me!

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