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1922 Gold? Twenty dollars


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If this is the same coin (which I assume it is) I'd say you probably have a magician's coin there. It's a little hard to tell from the picture, but it looks like the mint mark is an O. Since the only double eagle with that reverse made at the New Orleans mint is the 1879-O (which had a mintage of only slightly more than 2,000), I would say with 99.9% certainty that the reverse is a fake. The obverse is clearly a 1922 peace dollar, which was common enough.


The general premise of a magician's coin is that two coins of similar size are filed into convex and concave shapes and then fitted together and glued. This is commonly done with nickels and other petty coins to create "two-headed" coins. Silver dollars and double eagles are relatively similar in size, which would make them prime candidates to become a "magical transforming" coin, but $20 would have been a hefty investment into what was really only a novelty. If the reverse was a genuine $20 coin, it would have been the most readily available date, not one of the scarcest in the entire denomination.


The only other explanation I could think of would be an attempt at counterfeiting--fit a small portion of a double eagle into a gold-plated peace dollar, spend that as $20, then sell the rest of the gold for ~$10-15. But again, that would have been done with the most readily available coin, not the rarest.


So, I'm afraid I'm going to have to say that the most logical explanation seems to be that the whole thing is a fake. If it contains real gold or silver, it's worth melt. Otherwise, it's worthless.

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A genuine 1922 $20 gold has a different obverse and reverse design, there is nothing right about this coin. It's either a novelty coin or a really poor attempt at a fake.


See the 2st. picture, i turned the picture.


It's weight is 33grams.


This coin from america. The old guy bought 40 years ago.


It's sure to fake? If it's real this price?

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