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25 Rouble


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Hi all,


I have read that in 2011 Russia will mint a 25 CuNi coins as it says:


The XXII-th Winter Olympic Games-2014 in Sochi (the year “2014”on the obverse)

41 Copper-Nickel alloy 25 Rubles within the year 10 000 000 pcs


Did the Russian Federation minted a 25 roubles Copper nickel coins in the past or that is the first coin?

If this is the first, do you think that Russia will go on minting 25R coins as the NEW commemorative coins (replacing the 10 Roubles Bi-Metal coins). like the 10 R that replaced the 5 Roubles that was before it and the same as that down to the 1 rouble commemorative coin :ninja:




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Just a thought! :ninja:

since there were so many 10 Roubles out there and they probably want to do an upgrade - Why not going up with 25 Rubles coins.

there is one going to be out in the end of 2011 - so maybe this is the beginning ;)




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