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PCI2010 Group 3B.3 Voting


PCI2010 Group 3B.3 Voting  

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    • Henry VIII Groat
    • 1602 Sword & sceptre piece , Scotland

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YeOldeCollector's Henry VIII Groat


Henry VIII Posthumous Groat minted at the Tower of London. A stunning portrait which is strikingly similar to the Hans Holbein portrait.


The mint mark visible at just after 12 O'clock on the reverse is that of a marlet, a heraldic bird. This really is a stunning portrait on a fairly scarce coin. Afterall, the period in that this was minted was one of turbulence as Henry VIII had just died and he had wasted vast amounts of money and dissolved the monasteries. This coin is technically one of Edward VI, the Boy King, but features the name and portrait of his father. So much history attached to one piece.



hussulo's 1602 Sword & sceptre piece , Scotland


1602 Sword & sceptre piece.James VI (1567-1625), eighth coinage.

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