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PCI2010 Group 5A.2 Voting


PCI2010 Group 5A.2 Voting  

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    • Guatemala 1894 peso
    • 1809 20 Kreuzer, Tyrolean Insurrection

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Sir Sisu's Guatemala 1894 peso




elverno's 1809 20 Kreuzer, Tyrolean Insurrection


In 1805 the Austrians and Russians got their block handed to them by Napoleon at the Battle of Austerlitz. One of the results of the subsequent treaty was that Napoleon handed the Tyrol over to the Bavarians as a prize for being on the right side of the conflict. Unfortunately no one asked the staunch Catholic region if they wanted to be ruled by a Protestant country. As early as 1806 Andreas Hofer, a local innkeeper, had been in communication with the Austrians and when war broke out again in 1809 the Tyroleans raised an insurrection. In the difficult terrain the Bavarians were pushed back on all fronts and the insurrectionists took over the mint and produced, among other coins, this 20 kreutzer.


When the Austrians were defeated again in 1809 at Wagram the Tyroleans were left to their own devices. Napoleon sent French troops and, together with Bavarian and Württemberg troops the area was again subdued. "Hofer had to flee and hide; he was betrayed, arrested and carried off to Mantua (Italy), where he was executed on February 20th 1810." In 1810 the Tyrol itself was partitioned between Bavaria, the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy and France before being returned to Austria in 1815 by the Congress of Vienna. This is the nicest of three examples I own.

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