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PCI2010 Group 2 - Medievel FINAL VOTE


PCI2010 Group 2 FINAL VOTING - Medievel 500AD-1500  

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  1. 1. Pick the winner for Group 2

    • Edward III Nobel ca. 1364-5
    • William the Conqueror Penny

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Saor Alba's Edward III Nobel ca. 1364-5


A bit of Anglish booty from south of Hadrian's wall, this Edward III nobel was minted ca. 1364-5 during the brief period of peace while a treaty betwixt the English and French were not slaughtering each other in France. This is reflected on this noble, as it bears Edward III's English and Irish titles, but not the French as were on the previous and subsequent coinages.


Whilst contemporary coinages of England and Europe were rather crude and unattractive, these nobles and their fractions were inspired by the gold coinages in Italy, notably Fiorenza(Florence) and England had to best them with this attractive and inspirational piece that would further inspire Scottish coinage during the time.



YeOldeCollector's William the Conqueror Penny


This particular William the Conqueror penny was minted at Bristol mint by the moneyer Beorhtweard. The reverse reads BRIHTPORD ON BRI. Now, 6,500 William I pennies were found in one hoard alone and there must be thousands more in collections so it is most surprising that less than fifty coins of William I are known for Bristol mint. That is less than fifty coins from all his types, not just the Paxs. Therefore this penny is quite scarce given the lack of apparent Bristol pence. The reverse features a short cross pattée with PAXS within its limbs.


The obverse features William's draped bust with arm and hand holding a sceptre which is spread across his breast. Reading PILLELM REX, i.e. King William. This is my favourite William I Penny, Paxs issue. Beorhtweard on the scarce mint of Bristol. Not far off as-struck condition and measuring just under 2cm in diameter or about 3/4 of an inch.

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I'd like to thank everyone for their terrific entries and for taking the time to vote and comment. Keep PCI'ing. There's lots more to see.

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