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French St.Christopher medals

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Hi everyone,

my name is Maximilian, and I am a collector of St.Christopher medals used on early automobile dashboards (between 1900s to 1930s). My collection is focalized on medals with French inscriptions or engraved by French artists.

As a collector I love to research on the history of these pieces and their artists, and that is why I am contacting you.

Within the signed medals I have, some of them are signed by artists I couldn't find any information about. It will be a real help if you can give me some information about them. I was looking for their complete name and dates of birth and death, or part of this information.

In case you can help me, here goes a list of them, based on the signature found on the medals:

ARNAULT (medals of this artist were sold by French firm of automobile accessories Mestre&Blatge)

BORY, J. --> could be Jenö Bory?





CONTAUX, GEORGES --> I can't find information of dates of birth and death


MERY, ANDRE --> I can't find information of dates of birth and death







Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.



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Hello Max and welcome to CoinPeople. Sounds like an interesting collection. Hope someone can help with some info for you.

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Hi --I think your project is interesting. I've been trying to find more info on these engravers, but so far with little luck. I've been limiting my Google searches to French-language sites, if that's something you haven't tried yet. I'll keep trying.

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Hello Frank. Thanks for your message. I asked everyone I know and everysite in any lenguage regarding medals... but nobody could give information about them.

Last week, a French medal collector, consider it would be a possible solution to check at the Benezit Dictionary of Artists. Do you have it? It has 14 volumes and cost around us$1500!!!!

Well, once again thanks for trying.



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