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PCI2010 Group 9.I Voting


PCI2010 Group 9.I Voting  

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    • undated model bimetallic penny
    • 1809 Loge des Sept Ecossais réunis, France

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syzygy's undated model bimetallic penny



elverno's 1809 Loge des Sept Ecossais réunis, France


Another rare Masonic medal from the collection of Prince Victor Napoleon, known as Napoleon V.

It is described as follows:

"Obverse, Within a ring formed by a serpent, having its tail in its mouth, a cross patee gules, surmounted by a smaller cross bottone argent. Legend, SEPT ECOSSAIS REUNIS O.*. DE PARIS.

Reverse, The square and compasses, enclosing a star of seven points bearing the letter G. Between the points are flames ; around the star are figures in the following order, beginning at the top, under the head of the compasses, 7, 5, 3, 1, 6, 4, 2, which are placed on the inner edge of a glory of sixteen points, surrounding the star, and the rays of which are surmounted by the square and compasses. Legend, LA DOUCE ET CONFIANTE AMITE LES UNIT 5809. [sweet and trusting friendship unites them.J Copper silvered. Size 19. This Lodge was instituted February 4, 1809."


Obviously it was also produced in copper. I bought the better part of Victor Napoleon's Masonic collection from a dealer several years ago. Individual pieces only appear every two or three years. The Reunited Seven Scotsmen produced a beautiful medal.

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