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Fake 1823 10 zlotych

RW Julian

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More counterfeit junk:




The seller wants $150 for this specimen, about $149 more than it is worth.


He also calls it an excellent copy or novodel. As a copy it is a joke and it is

not a novodel.


He has several other counterfeits for sale,.



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I honestly don't see anything wrong with selling counterfeits on eBay, as long as they are listed as such.



What do you imagine might happen if you contacted the friendly folks at http://www.secretservice.gov and offered them counterfeit US currency (described as such) at a substantial discount from face value?


My guess is that they would be very interested in such an offer (although I don't recommend that you try out this idea to see what happens).

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I collect counterfeits. Possession of counterfeits is NOT illegal in ANY jurisdiction. I see wrong with what this seller is doing.


I agree with the bold-faced comment. If you think, by the way, that possession of

counterfeit currency is legal, then I suggest a call to the friendly folks at the U.S. Secret



A friend of mine some years ago made the mistake of letting people know that he owned

counterfeits of U.S coins and currency. One day an agent showed up, seized everything

and left a receipt. The material was never returned. It is true, however, that contemporary

U.S. counterfeits from the early 19th century are generally an accepted collectible.


The problem of counterfeits has been growing for some years and the Hobby Protection

Act requires that such pieces bear the word COPY. The "coin" being sold in the eBay

auction is breaking the law but getting eBay to think about something besides massive

profits and corporate greed is a little difficult. If the seller of this junk believed in obeying

the law it would not have been offered for sale; I suspect that the seller knows perfectly

well what it is.



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Isaiah's respond was about the counterfeits, the currency was not mentioned by Isaiah :ninja:

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