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Spiel jeton ?

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Well, I can hardly read anything on the peice because of the photograph but it clearly says Spiel which means play...then it says rechenpfennig (I assume) which means 'counting penny' and I could be wrong but it looks to have Nurnberger. Thus it is saying that it is a Nurnberg 'play' counting token. Nurnberg was well known for a very long time for making Jetons. As Jetons stopped being used they were then very well known for making play money. Mostly coins made to resemble world coins of the time (I have several that imitate English, German, American and Fench coins). If you do a search on Nuremberg or Nürnberg + Spielmarke or Jeton or play money you will find a good bit of information regarding this TYPE of coin if not find this exact one. There are a few I have which I have been unable to find other examples or place with a maker.

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