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  1. Please help me to identify these gold coins! http://omnicoin.com/collection/Pero68
  2. Please help me to identify this coin. On one side are two keys and sign ROMA.On other side look like lion on left,and globe.trident and o in ex. I search on papal state coins,and found nothing...
  3. Pero68


    Yesss! Thank you very much for help :-)
  4. Hahahahaha, it's ok :-) A will put real gold coin on belly of belly dancer ;-) Gold and silver coins used like jewelry on girl in our country.Rich girl used real gold coins,poor used forgery...
  5. No,coin is not gold :-) Goldsmith measured coin, and try on some black rock :-) Here is another one,champion of forgery :-)
  6. Hahahaahaha Yes, you are right :-)
  7. Yes, is brass coin,used for jewelry.Thanks for help :-)
  8. No,I think it not a brass.I will check in monday...
  9. I cannot find any young Victoria coin with earring. Is this forgery?
  10. Pero68


    Here is other side.Any help?
  11. Please help me to identify this coin.No letters,and I don't know what to search. I think it is Hungarian coin before 1500
  12. Thank you.I must to identify large numbers of coins from an collection.Only what interested me is this coin worth to be in museum?
  13. Year of making,or link to page,please?
  14. Inscription confuses me. I cannot find CAL.LOD.IL.ET.1811.BOH.LOM.ET.FED. in Krause standard catalog of world coins 1801-1900
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