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How do I sell these coins?


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My elderly cousin asked me to sell his coins for him. I immediately thought of eBay. My main concern is how to sell them. Do I sell them in 1 large lot? Maybe in sets of years? How about individually? The coins run the gamut from F-12 Fine to EF-45 Choice Extremely Fine with most being VF-20 Very Fine.


Any info will be grateful,



Here is a list of his coins.


50 Cent Pieces

1940 - 5

1941 - 7

1942 - 3

1943 - 11

1944 - 5

1945 - 2

1951 - 5

1952 - 4

1963 - 3

1965 - 6

1969 - 1

1970 - 1

1972 - 1

1974 - 1


Silver Dollars

1937 - 1

1946 - 1

1960 - 3

1961 - 1

1962 - 4

1963 - 11

1964 – 5

1965 – 2

1966 – 7

1967 – 5

1968 – 2

1969 – 2

1971 – 1

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Ebay you could probably get pretty good prices. You just need to figure out how they would sell best. Groups some time work out because of listing fees. Or if you could post them here when you qualify to post in the for sale section. (Have to have made 25 posts minimum.) Thing about selling here no ebay fees. One suggestion take a little time to get some good pictures of the coins either way. The pictures can really sell a coin. If you want or need some help on taking pics of coins I'm sure you can get that help here . I'm not sure on prices for the different years, but from a quick scan of ebay on a few of your coins some of them would probably be better to sell individually. Right off the bat the 1937 and 1946 should be sold individually. (Pictures would help there too.)

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The coins from 1968 and later are made of nickel and worth face value only. Feel free to spend them or take them to the bank since selling them on almost any venue will likely end up with you losing money.


As for the other pieces, barring varieties, as Mark suggests, the 1937 $1 and 1946 $1 are better pieces and should be sold individually.


The rest (1940-67) are all common in circulated grades and are usually sold for their silver value. Aside from George VI 50c pieces in true VF-EF which you would want to pull aside and sell seperately, selling the rest of the silver coins as a lot would probably net you the most money.

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