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Kushan 'Horse-rider' coins!


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I have a few of these ;D I have never bought them before, so looks like I am about to learn about a new branch of nummies..


Could I please get rough age, ruler, meaning of reverse etc.. plus any good links to further relevant information.





















Really love the look of these, please help identify, don't they look great!

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One link http://www.tesorillo.com/hispania/links1.htm.


Another source:




That said, these don't look like what I think of as Iberian coins.

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Soter Megas King of Kings is the reverse legend. He was Kushan king in the late 1st century AD.

Wiki article


These coins are very common and usually very crudely made. There are several styles but students disagree on how to separate them into mints or if there even are multiple mints. A coin with half legend is good; full legend exceptional. They are often divided according to the number of rays in the crown but the significance of these is not agreed upon either.


The coins come in two denominations. The larger (7-8g) is usually called a tetradrachm (for no good reason) or unit and is more common. It is four times the weight of the 'drachm' or 1/4 unit. Price is all to do with condition. The nicer one on the Wiki page sold for $350. See:

acsearch list


Some of us pay extra for coins with square letter forms in the belief that this indicates the less common mint but others see no difference. This one is square lettered and under $20 earlier this year. Like I said: Condition is everything.



Soter Megas is a title (Great Savior) which only recently was linked to the name Vima Takto by an inscription. He was such a great king that he did not see the need to put is name on the coins and his name was lost to history for nearly 2000 years.


The horseman holds a hatchet which must have been a weapon of choice in his day. The three pronged symbol in the field is called a tamgha and changed with each ruler.


You can see a lot of varieties here.

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