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MMD and SPMD - The best rivals...


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Something pretty silly of me, but yes, I thought of posting this up because I noticed a bit of difference between the two mints (and while I still have the chance to play around with 100 of these 10 ruble bimetal coins :ninja: )


If you took the bimetal 10 ruble commemorative coins of the recent "ancient city" series and if you carefully took a look at the surface of both SPMD and MMD minted coins, you notice that SPMD's surface is quite dull and yet smooth, whereas, you can see that MMD's surface is quite "reflective" but yet, you can see parallel macro hairline polish done to the planchet.


Is this what you can see too? ;)


This is one of the lot that I got today...




P.S. sorry, I don't think my camera can do an ultra macro zoom, you have to have the coins to compare... ;) Will try my best...

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