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Unusual RBS £1 note


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Hi, as you will see I am new to here.


I am curious, as I think I have a rare RBS £1 note.


It is in pristine condition, and dated 23rd March 1994.


Not much you may say, but the thing that is good about this one is that it was printed with no watermark.


RBS issued these anr realised the mistake befor many could be issued and recalled directly from the branches therefore very few would have made it into circulation let alone be in circulation or good condition now.


I got hold of one and just thought I would keep hold of it.


Any thoughts on whether it would be of any value or if anyone would be interested in it ??


Thanks in advance

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Are you able to put a scan up?


Are the other security devices in place? It is possible you might have a forgery.



yeah I could scan it or put up a photo. I can 200% guarantee it is not a forgery. I worked for RBS at the time and got it from the office before they were recalled.

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The 1994 issue without the watermark was printed not by the usual De La Rue printers, but by Canadian Banknote Company. Somehow in all the confusion of having them print the note, they managed to forget the main security feature which was the watermark. In uncirculated, no folds etc condition the notes sell for about 20-25 Pounds.

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