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Coin writer WANTED!

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I need help with a coin site that I am planning to launch on 1sty July.

But I need some help from some one who has coin experience, knowledge who enjoys coins and has some time to help with coin or numismatic information.


I’m a hobbyist coin collector, well who isn’t !

I really get buzz form ancient coins, gold coins, shipwrecks, silver coins etc.


As Aussie opal miner and wholesaler I have always collected bits n pieces and over developed a super auction system that is so easy to use that I decided to make my hobby my business also

i have 2 succesful auction sites



On these sites I have the experience and knowledge and buyers trust these sites

We have sold over 115,000 items through these sites

But as a hobbyist I lack the gut knowledge for coins

So look forward to receive any suggestions and if someone has time to help in regards to coin knowledge


Wayne Sedawie

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