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  1. Hi all I operate auction sites I have Opal and gemstone site going now 5 years and gemstone site has been great last three months growing 250% in sales compared last year.. I started coin site 3 years ago as coins are more hobby to me as i always collected silver coins from Perth mint. and its growing also but need usa based silver coin seller a s anchor seller so we sold nearly 4,000 coins and all sites have sold nearly 300,000 items with around 75% sold in UsaAPlease send me message if any one can assist thanks wayne
  2. I need help with a coin site that I am planning to launch on 1sty July. But I need some help from some one who has coin experience, knowledge who enjoys coins and has some time to help with coin or numismatic information. I’m a hobbyist coin collector, well who isn’t ! I really get buzz form ancient coins, gold coins, shipwrecks, silver coins etc. As Aussie opal miner and wholesaler I have always collected bits n pieces and over developed a super auction system that is so easy to use that I decided to make my hobby my business also i have 2 succesful auction sites On these si
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