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doolys been detecting again


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Hi all .. and now for the next instalment of my detecting mission


Sorry i have no photos but i was not expecting to go detecting ..


yesterday i got a call form one of my friendly farmers who asked me if i could pop along as he had lost one of the taps which swhich on the water supply to one of his fields as he is going to put potato's into the field for the first time in 9 years .. and had forgot where the tap was !! after lots of plow shares and junk i finally found it !! (over two hours of searching) :ninja:


and he was well pleased I can tell you !!


so off i pop-ed to a bit of headland which had been plowed and rolled but not seeded (most of my land is in crop now)


and check this little haul out (not bad for a couple of hours eh!)


The first good find was this little cut half hammered penny of Henry III (1216-1272) it is a long cross type (1247-1272) class 3A (without scepter) I have not been able to work out the mint or monerer at the moment but i will get there.





The next find was this strap end .. not sure of the date as i have not found many of them before (probably medieval)



Then a nice bit of foreign silver .. not sure where it is from but looks like Netherlands or similar




I then moved towards the hill and got a faint signal which turned out to be a early looking coin and i think it could be Celtic which would be very unusual for my neck of the woods !!!


Sorry for the bad scan but the head is very heavy embossed

Reverse seems to show a bull or something !



After the buzz of finding this i concentrated on this area and the next find (and my final one before my batteries ran out) was this enameled broach/button .. with a nice blue swirl .. it looks like it could be roman or Celtic but i will leave the identification to the experts when i take it to the finds liaison officer for recording




well hoped you liked that as much as i did


happy hunting dooly :devil:

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The coins are nice, but I really like that Celtic swirl broach. That is a tremendous find, especially with the inlay in it.


Cheers .. The find are booked into the finds liaison officer on Thursday :ninja: and i should pick up my Bronze age winged axe head, neolithic scraper and my roman trumpet broach up .. lets see what they think of them .. Northumberland the forgotten county ;)

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