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Denarius of Hadrian 119-122


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Hadrian, AR (silver) 18mm. Denarius, 119-122, Rome IMP CAESAR TRAIAN H_ADRIANVS AVG Laureate, drapery on left shoulder & over back, bust right, P M TR P-COS III Salus seated left, feeding snake coiled round altar from patera in right hand SAL AVG in exergue. RIC 137.


Salus ("salvation") is the personified Roman goddess of health and prosperity, both of the individual and the state. As Salus Publica Populi Romani ("goddess of the public welfare of the Roman people") she had a temple on the Quirinal, inaugurated in 302 BCE (Livius X, 1, 9).

Her attributes were a snake & patera (broad shallow dish) and her festival was celebrated on March 30.

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