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Please Help with Ukraine notes


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Hi all,


I have a list of notes that I want to buy and I'm not sure how much should I pay for each - I would be glad if some one will guide me and let me know the market price of the notes ( I know that Krause have prices but they are not real for all banknotes - there are some diffrents )


the list is as follow:



20 hryven VF

10 hryven VF

5 hryven VF

2 hryven VF

1 hryven VF



1 hryven UNC

5 hryven UNC



2 hryven UNC

20 hryven UNC



10 hryven UNC



2 hryven UNC


That's all for now, Please help me with them so I could know how much to pay for them without harming me and the seller.

I would be glad to know if there are some notes that are hard to find.


Thanks in advanced,


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The 1992 notes in VF are face value only. I have a bunch of them I plan on spending soon, they are long out of circulation now so I may have to take them to a bank or something. Currently the hryvnia trades at 8:$1.


The other notes 1, 2 Hryvnia are worth less than a dollar each, 5 hryven is about $2, and the 10 is about $4, the 20 Hryven is about $6, but I will advise that those are old prices from before the hryvnia lost a lot of value against the dollar last fall, it went from 5:1 to 8:1 in about a week.

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Thanks Scottishmoney :ninja:


Are you saying that they are Face Value only? lets say if I'll but them from you these are the prices I could buy them? they don't have any collectible value at all?


If you have these notes I'm willing to buy them from you ;) if you agree with that.


I need all the Ukraine bank notes and if you can help me with them I'll be glad ;) just let me know at my mail



Best regards,



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