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My best friend uncle wanted to sell his entirely straits settlements,board of commissioners of currency malaya and malaya and british north borneo banknotes to any interested and serious collector who can afford them only.He is currently living in the capital city of malaysia,kuala lumpur.


This rare banknotes information and detal are as following:


1935 Straits settlements KGV $5 dollar specimen banknote with the number of 100000(top right),00001(bottom left) and 12345(centre)printed on obverse side only of this note.This banknote is in GEM uncirculated extra fine condition protected by a plastic cover till now.This banknote is certainly rare and sold a few by spink auction house in hongkong few years back.


1941 Board of commissioners of currency malaya KGVI $10 dollar banknote with FULLY REVERSE BLANK ERROR(NO PICTURE CURRENTLY).That is mean no colour printing at all on reverse side except on obverse side only which is normal.IT comes with a USA PMG certificate grading this banknote in very fine condition and It is the only malaya banknote with this SERIOUS MAJOR ERROR in the whole world.This is the first time i have ever seen a MALAYA banknote like this as a collector for so many years and Im sure you had never seen anything like this before.


1942 Board of commissioners of currency malaya KGVI $1000 dollar banknote.It is in GEM uncirculated extra fine condition.This banknote is very rare but not as rare as the QEII $1000 dollar banknote,highly sourced and wanted by collectors.


1953 Malaya and british borneo QEII $1000 dollar banknote.It is in GEM uncirculated extra fine condition.This is a SUPER RARE banknote,never sold on ebay and spink auction house before except for a piece of specimen note sold back in 2000 only.


All this are GENUINE banknotes but NOT specimen,reproduction,fake or counterfeit banknotes as guarantee for sure.Each note has TIGER watermark with/without security thread(depend on which banknote).You also can bring along as many banknote specialists as possible to test and certify this banknotes first until you satisfy before purchasing from my friend uncle,its an option for you.


Dont miss the great opputunity to own any of this rarities right now.


Please give me your best offer for any of this item if you are very interested,Serious offer only.I will let my best friend uncle to consider your offer.Reply,pm or email me with your best offer.


I accept paypal payment,western union method and the BEST IS CASH ON SELF PICK UP only in my country to prevent any losses,damages or undelivery mail.Insurance is included in shipping and handling if decided ship by courier such as UPS,DHL,FEDEX or local post office,FREE worldwide shipping.


Thank you for viewing and have a nice day.











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Can I view the notes in person??



Because August 2010 I will be visiting Malaysia for 2 weeks and will be in Kuala Lumpur


Brett.Yes,you can personally view them one by one until you satisfy if this banknotes are still available till next year august :ninja:;);) .Please make sure you are keen to buy before viewing this banknotes from my friend uncle.

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