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Jean Dassier

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I've had this small jeton like medal in my collection for a number of years now and have always been meaning to find out what it's all about. Time has flown and i'm still none the wiser, so I am deferring to the forum to see if anyone with broader knowledge than i have can shed some light on this particular piece. I am reliably informed (I hope) that it is by Jean Dassier (1676-1763) of Geneva but that's about the sum total of my knowledge of this other than the subject may well be religious in nature


One side has soldiers coming out of a walled town / castle with the legend `Zele des Fabiens' A.R. 275.

The other side has a gorup of people in roman like clothing behind a man with an oxen drawn plough and the legend `de la charrue a la dictature' A.R. 294.


Would appreciate any input.



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The zeal of the Fabii and their destruction in an ambush. Cincinnatus leaving his plough to assume the dictatorship. From Dassier's Roman series.


Fantastic!! Many thanks for that. I've just filled another gap in my knowledge by reading up on both the Fabii and Cincinnatus. Fascinating and brings back memories of studying the struggles of the plebs and the etruscans at school.....more years ago than I care to mention.

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