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Hammered Coin Reference Books


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As a newbie to the field, could those more educted give suggestions for possible reference books on Hammered Coins? I do have Sayles collection and one book that was distributed by Coincraft (1995 Publication).





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I would personally say that Spink 2009 is a book that the collector needs, it provides quick reference for IDing coins and a rough guide to valuing them. Click here for more info.


Depending on your interests and in what detail you wish to study there is a plethora of books to be had.



Are you looking for a book to give detailed aids to identification, general information or just a standard reference to a specific series.


Please let me know what you're interested in and at what level as I hope to help.

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Sorry for the delay but I am not getting notices when one replies and I have checked my settings???? I thank you for the suggestion.


I am Clive, a.k.a. YeOldeCollector and Historic Coinage. Izzy was a member here who recently passed away and so the avatar is in his memory.


I have responded to your email but as for this topic, you might want to take a look at your settings here: http://www.coinpeople.com/index.php?act=us...c&tid=22983

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J. J. North English Hammered Coinage Vol. 1 & 2 Not cheap by any means, but it has a lot of information. One thing to bear in mind though some sections (like Henry VI and Edward III) are like wading through mud. It expects some prior knowledge on the reader's part.

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