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  1. Hello and thanks in advance. I have the following Portuguese 5 Reis (1795) in my very small collection and I am looking for help to properly attribute it to KM. The following two scans are of the coin in question. It does not show as clearly in person but on the reverese is the "5" within the wreath but what does not come across is the remains of a "+" or cross to the right of the "5". I have researched and found simular 5 Reis on the net but nothing with the same markings. The closest being KM-0305 but it indicates a "V" and not a "5". Regards, Mark
  2. Clive, I thank you for your thoughts and opinions. Unfortunately it went to a higher bidder than me but I'm sure there will be more to come along Mark
  3. I hope that this is ok with me posting this question and related scan. Might I hear from the members as to originality, grade, etc. Thanks Newbie Elizabeth_Shilling.htm
  4. Izzy, Sorry for the delay but I am not getting notices when one replies and I have checked my settings???? I thank you for the suggestion.
  5. To the Forum As a newbie to the field, could those more educted give suggestions for possible reference books on Hammered Coins? I do have Sayles collection and one book that was distributed by Coincraft (1995 Publication). Thanks Mark
  6. To all, Thanks for the warm reply and suggestions on the wife issue She really is tolerant with my hobbies to a point. Especially when it pays for nice things like trips and Christmas. She has absolutely no interest in collecting anything, you might say we are on two sides of a coin when it comes to that. I again thank each and look forward to learning my way forward Mark P.S. De Orc, are you a collector of medals?
  7. To all, Just a very minor introduction to the forum. Name is Mark and I have just very recently found my way to Ancient Hammered/UK Coins. More directly that I am currently leaning to those of Elizabeth I. The first thing that I am doing is educating myself but joining such forums as this and secondly reading everything and thirdly, books! My back ground is a life time of being raised in an eviroment of history, militaria and collecting! I am currently a collector of British Medals (Royal Navy and 44th Foot) but I have a constant thurst for knowledge and unfortunately for my wife, coll
  8. As a new newbie to this forum let me say "Nice". I look forward to seeing and learning more. Mark
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