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Batavian republic netherlands detector find Cumbria 1802


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;) Hi there just been over to cumbria for a wedding and managed to get out detecting fo a few hours and found this silver coin .. I have the 1801-1900 Krause but i cannot find it listed in the netherlands section .. am i looking in the right place ??


Obverse: legend INDIAE BATAVORUM 1802




Reverse: legend MO . ARG . ORD . POE . D . BELG . HOL * 1/16 G




Can anyone give me an approximate value also as i am halving the coin with my detecting friend . :ninja:


I also picked this one up from a "junk" shop and i do not have the book which covers them so any information will be greatly received






Also have a look at the gold Scottish hammered I also found listed on that part of the forum >>>>>

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I believe the silver coin is from the Netherlands East Indies and was issued as a trade coin. 1/16th of a gulden.


The bottom coin is a duit from Zeeland in the Netherlands.


I'll guess that the silver one is worth about $30-$40 while is duit is worth about $20.

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The seconde one was coined during the period of the Republic of the Seven United Provinces (1581 - 1795), under Statholder William V of Orange-Nassau.

In the period the seven Dutch territories had separated coinages.

On 1795 French troops occupied the territory and the Batavian Republic was born.

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