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Book Pirate


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I guess if they can't counterfeit the coins, the counterfeit the DVDs? Maybe he should just sell the PDFs through email and save himself the time of burning them, haha.... Seriously though, copy infringment, tsk.

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I don't believe there are legitimate copies of these books in pdf format.

Krause has issued some of their world coin catalogues on disks but I am not

certain which ones. It seems unlikely, however, that the disks offered by this

seller are originals.



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I have both the 19th and 20th century books on disk (most recent editions). Krause seems to be including the disk along with the book these days, or you can just buy the disk - it's about half the price of the book. The catalogs are in pdf, but there is no structured table of contents so searching for things is a little cumbersome.

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When you see something that might be wrong, you do need to report it.


Ebay's response:


We will review the listing(s) you have reported for violations of our

Potentially Infringing Items policies. In order to keep eBay a safe and

fun place to trade, we often rely on members like you to bring such

violations to our attention.


In light of our privacy policy, we cannot share with you any action

taken by eBay with respect to this listing. If we determine that the

listing violates eBay policy, we may:


1. Send the seller an informational alert;

2. Remove the listing; or

3. Suspend the seller.


Account suspensions are usually reserved for those sellers that

repeatedly disregard policy.


If the item you reported does not appear on its face to be infringing,

we may refer it to the intellectual property rights owner for review. If

the rights owner has a good faith belief that the item is infringing,

they may choose to send eBay a formal request to remove the listing. For

more information on eBay's cooperation with rights owners, please visit:





For more information on eBay's Potentially Infringing Items policies,

please visit:



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