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Jargon question: "muled"


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A Mule is a coin, token or medal made with the obverse of one coin/token/medal and the reverse of another.



Mule - A mule is the name given to a coin that either on purpose or by mistake ended up being struck with a pair of dies that were not intended to be used together.



Please see Dictionary of Numismatic Terms



Mule of George 4th's death medal by T.W.Ingram & William IV & Adelaide's accession 1830 or coronation medal 1831 by ?. 46mm lead 60 grams.950767.jpg

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They are refering to the beast of burden used to haul the coins from the mint...thus a muled coin is simply a coin that was carried in a cart behind a mule ;)


:ninja: Or, a mule refers to the cross between a horse and a donkey. Different species that just happen to successfully mate, although the offspring are usually infertile. A mule in the coin world would typically occur when the dies happen to mate creating an unexpected offspring! Except for those created by design in workshops, it normally would not happen it a mint unless the two denominations happen to have dies that are about the same size. For example, it is unlikely that a silver dollar size die would accidently be mated with a dime sized die--the error would be too obvious and the press would not be setup for the odd sized die.


I'll go with the Numismatic dictionary and common usage that I learned when I was but a wee lad.

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As mentioned by the other members, a Mule is a coin or medal that is struck intentionally or unintentionally with mismatched dies. Here's an example of a muled coin from the Khwarezm Soviet Peoples Republic.



Khwarezm SPR-20 Ruble

1339 AH/1921 AD


The obverse has the pattern of a 20 Ruble coin, where as the reverse is of a 100 Ruble coin. The authenticity of this specimen is unknown.

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