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How do you take an img of an edge of a coin?


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You can possibly type the legend of an edge out if the rim happened to be just plain text, but there are times where edges are hard to be described due to the complexity of them. What I thought of doing is making a video clip as I find having multiple imgs of an edge being quite irriating.


What I had in plan is to get some sort of motor to spin fairly slowly and get the coin on top to spin and let the digital camera to record the edge. It seems pretty easy but getting the whole idea to work seems to be quite difficult... does anyone has a better suggestion? :ninja:

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something that requires quite some experimenting and requires a scanner:


1) set the scanner to scan a large surface, e.g. full page.


2) set the coin on its edge, exactly on top of the scanning device, with the lamp.


3) start a scan


4) roll the coin over the glass plate, wth exact the same speed as the scanner goes.


When the scan is finished you should have an image of the egde of the coin.


I must admit, I've never tried this with a coin yet, but did it with cylindrical pop glasses with an image on it.


In case of higher grade coins, you need to find a way to roll the coin without touching the surfaces of course.


You also need to find out at exactly which place the actual scan line is, it's not exaclty above the lamp, but a bit next to it, usually at the side the scanner is moving towards.


This works best if you scan in a high resolution, as the scanner will move slower then. Afterwards you can crop and reduce the image.

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