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Who said that 7-1/2 rouble gold is rare?


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Maybe someone is trying to get rid of the rest of a roll?


H.D. Rauch auction - 15 lots of 7-1/2 rouble gold


I remember a couple of years ago at the annual coin show in Zurich that UBS had about this many in a zip-lock bag, probably all VF-XF, going for CHF 500 each. I thought it was very steep at the time, but that's about what they are selling for now. Of course, it is next to impossible to find these in MS condition. But in the VF/XF range, seems like they come cheaper by the dozen (15 roubles too, although it is easier to find those in nicer grades).

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It is certainly an attractive coin.


... just as all coins of the NII reign period are. I wonder why the Russian Central Bank has not begun an official restrike program, similar to what some other countries (Austria, Hungary, Netherlands) do. One can expect that the restrike roubles (silver or gold) would be a huge success. Such coins could be dated 1917, for example, to distinguish them from the actual old coins of that period.


Of course, we know that the Soviet government did restrike tzar's coins in the 1920-ies but that is a different story.

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