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Finland 2008 "Human Rights" 2 euro

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I have 2 of these that are BU (directly from a roll) that I will trade for any BU commemorative 2€ that I am missing.


I also have 2 that I have picked out from circulation and thus do have minor scuffs and and such wear. I will trade these for circulated samples.


Here are the coins that I already have, so any that are not on this list are ones that I need. I have all Finn commems, so I am not listing those either. :ninja:


2004 Greece, Italy, Luxembourg

2005 Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg

2006 Belgium*, Germany (Schleswig...), Italy

2007 Germany (Mecklenburg...), Portugal

2007 Treaty of Rome: Austria*, Germany*, Netherlands

2008 Germany (Hamburg), Luxembourg



*circulated. So I will trade my BU samples for a BU sample of one of these.

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