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CherryPicker's Guide V1


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Just pre-ordered the new edition of CherryPicker's guide Vol 1. Scheduled to be released 10 Dec.

Whitman Link


Normally, I would pick it up at Amazon or a show or something, but I have been waiting a long time for this one and I got free shipping and some free 2x2 mylers and some flips and stuff as a special offer.

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Cherrypickers’ Guide to Rare Die Varieties of United States Coins Fifth Edition, Volume 1: Half Cents to Jefferson Nickels, by Bill Fivaz and J.T. Stanton, 2009, 365 pages, $39.95. The hybrid binding, spiral protected by hardcover, makes this a tool for the bourse floor. The page layout delivers plenty of white space for notes and marginalia. Each entry is tagged for its “Pickup Points” rarity (Bowers, Sheldon), interest rank, Red Book variety, pocket change and Young Numismatist discovery opportunities. Appendices outline the Minting process, suggest the best ways to send coins in the mail, and coordinate the new and old Fivaz-Stanton numbering systems. -- (Posted to rec.collecting.coins).


Numismatic2200, hard to tell if you are kidding -- and at what level -- so, excuse me if I am stating the obvious here, but "cherrypicking" refers to finding the better value in the offering.


In my town, we had a coin dealer who bought the strip mall that his shop was in. It started with a Large Cent. He was a specialist in them, won some awards for his exhibits at conventions, that sort of thing. At a show, he bought one for $1100 -- a good price and the seller made a nice profit. He knew it to be a rare variety and he consigned it to a major auction where it sold for $11,000. He used the money to buy the real estate. That is cherrypicking.


A few years later, working in another town on a project, I stopped into a little coin store. I asked about Hard Times Tokens. The guy brings out a box of assorted stuff, in 2x2 and flips, but mostly not identified. He said his father bought it before he passed away and he knew nothing about them, just trying to figure out the store. So, I returned later with the Rulau book. He said he didn't have time. I talked up my credentials in the hobby and he let me take the box and attribute them. I identified them all, priced them, brought them back, showed him the ones I wanted and offered prices. He declined. "I'm not getting cherrypicked," he said... though clearly, he had cherrypicked me... Lesson learned.

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