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1956 D Wheat Cent Lincoln Has Tongue Sticking Out

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I Found This Looking At The Wheat Pennies I Have, I Think It Is A Pretty Good Error Never Saw One Like This. Would This Have Any Value. How Would I Get It Authenticated. Picture 1 Is The Error Penny,Picture 2 Is The Close Up Of Lincoln's Mouth On The Error Penny, Picture 3 Is Another 1956 D Without The Error. Thanks For You Time And God Bless.

Again Great Site 1tongue_Stick_OutFr1.jpg1tongue_Stick_Out01.jpg1tongue_Stick_Out02.jpg :ninja:

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I've never seen a die error that had this appearance. To me, by going with your pics, it appears to me that it is an old ding from another coin. I would 2x2 it and toss it around at the coin shows for a giggle. But, in any case, 2x2 it and ask a local dealer or take it with to a coin show and get a second oppinion. But From what I see, it's just a rim ding, which means no extra value, but regular 1956 value.

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