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Hi I am cesare from Itali

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Hi I am Caesar;

I am the developer of the Software MeBnet

I beg you not to consider Spam this message.

meBnet, is a software (5 languages supported) Free that allows the collectors to catalog his own coins.

MeBnet has been developed with the support of different Italian collectors.

I am proposing MeBnet on some forums in foreign language so that makes a will on an ampler staircase.

What I desire and to have your opinion and your suggestions to improve the program.

I invite you to try meBnet

download it from here http://mebnet.altervista.org

Write me for any explanation




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Hi Caesar, which languages is it available in. Which operating systems will it work on. Are there minimum requirements????????

Welcome to the forum

Hello Brett


the language available are English, Espanol, German, Francaise and Italian (at the moment)


MeBnet works on Microsoft Operaing System (200,XP,Vista)

for requisites, it needs Net Framework 2.0

for more detail please read at http://mebnet.altervista.org/ENG/Requisite.htm


If you have other questions, please write me





(sorry for my bad english)

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Now sews together to the version 1.19 of MeBnet http://mebnet.altervista.org

the new version introduces the concept of SubModels.

Beginning from this version, besides the definition of the model of the collection, it is possible to assign a specific model to the single card. this allows to have inside a collection, objects with different characteristics


Here as to perform the updating


Consumers ClickOnce:

To connect himself/herself/themselves to internet

To launch meBnet

To close MeBnet

To launch MeBnet


Standard consumers:

to unload the compressed file of the updating (MeB.zip) from the page Download of meBnet:


to extract the content of the file MeB.zip in the directory of installation of MeBnet, typically C:/programmi/CSD - Cesare/Meb.net


I beg you to furnish a comparison to performed updating, eventually communicating your Code Computer



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