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Please help with coin identification.....


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Hi this is my second post concerning these coins because I couldnt upload the images before.


My dad has found a coin in an allotment he owns at the back of an ancient pub, I think its a DAVID BRUCE II OF SCOTLAND hammered coin.


Basically I would like to know as much as I can!


He also found another coin which I have not been able to identify (although it has been suggested that it may be 15th century french) has anyone have any ideas on why it would be in a old pub garden in Worcestershire?


Someone please help....










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Heh, I just replied in the original that we'd like to see photos before noticing this more recent post..


Re: the first coin


You can tell straight away that it's a groat or half-groat (groat's were fourpences) as there is an inner circle and inner ring with a cross going right through the extending to the very edge of the coin on the reverse. Pennies don't have the inner ring on the reverse or non-head side of the coin. It's not easy to tell them apart and the detail on your piece isn't strong enough..


In any case, my copy of Seaby's Coin and Tokens of Scotland from 1972 lists the groat and half-groat as worth 10 pounds in Fine condition and yours is probably a shade or two below Fine. Still a nice coin for it's age!


Second coin: no idea but yes it does look possibly French!

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